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More information about us!

How do we begin Secure Paymentz?

Since 2012 Secure Paymentz has been working every day in the development of Banking Software / cryptocurrency and mid-2015, when the boom of the cryptocurrencies began, we entered the market to provide financial, banks, money exchange, crypto websites, etc. our software. We are an American company and we are located in Boston, Massachusetts. The goal is that all customers can start their projects as soon as possible with our software.

"Success is your duty, obligation and Responsibility"

We believe that to achieve a goal, we must take into practice these three things, so we can guarantee you will be working with a company that has a good attitude and energy to carry out each project.

About Our Team

In addition to having a team in the United States, we also have geniuses in different parts of the world that help us to always have a different and innovative option for each of our customers projects.

What is the next step to continue?

Now that you know a little more about us, you can get in contact with us via chat, e-mail or phone, one of our geniuses will be available to assist you.

We offer all of these services for your business!**

  • E-wallet Software Script
  • Own Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Clone
  • Android Crypto Wallet
  • Mobile Banking Software
  • Block Explorer Script
  • Electrum Wallets
  • Web Crypto Wallet
  • Paper Wallet Cryptocurrency
  • Banking Security Services
  • Faucet System
  • Coin Repair & Alterations
  • Banking Website Design
  • Financial SEO Advertising
  • Loan Software Script