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E-wallet Banking Software

We have an innovative Banking Software that will help your business to manage all users, banking transactions, as well as the opportunity for your users to work with a clean, fast system and to help you as a working tool.

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Own Cryptocurrency Altcoin

We can create any version and cryptocurrency altcoin algorithm that will help you to get into the best Exchangers such as Bittrex, Poloniex, CryptocurrencyCap, so if you are looking to have a new project, please contact us to start your new currency.

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Android Crypto App

How can I create my Android Crypto Wallet?We will create your android wallet for any Altcoin that is based on Electrum. Our software does not require a copy of blockchain to work which has many benefits.

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Paper Wallet Generator

Can you create a Paper Wallet?The answer is yes and we will be doing this based in JavaScript with HTML that will be making possible to generate a paper wallet safely.

It 's time to innovate, get your paperwallet

Mining Pool

We are going to create a mining pool for cryptocurrency. The mining pool that we use is based on NOMP, therefore it is easy to manage MySQL compared with other Pool software.

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Financial Website

Would you like to make your project a reality?Secure Paymentz can create your Financial Website professionally, so you can start your business quickly/

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Financial Advertising

Your success, the health of your business, family and all your dreams depends on sales.Did you know that the only way to get customers is by having a good advertising campaign?That is why we have specialized for years on the subject of finances so that all our customers can reach more customers.

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We offer all of these services for your business!**

  • E-wallet Software Script
  • Own Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Clone
  • Android Crypto Wallet
  • Mobile Banking Software
  • Block Explorer Script
  • Electrum Wallets
  • Web Crypto Wallet
  • Paper Wallet Cryptocurrency
  • Banking Security Services
  • Faucet System
  • Coin Repair & Alterations
  • Banking Website Design
  • Financial SEO Advertising
  • Loan Software Script