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Create your own Mining Pool

What is the benefit of having a Mining Pool?

The first benefit is that a Mining Pool, would be giving life to your crypto currency in the future. At the beginning it is very easy to mine from a computer, but then when the difficulty increases, the system no longer will allow the continue of mining, then it may be that the currency is Out of Sync because they can not find new blocks and that's why Secure Paymentz will be creating your own Mining Pool for the growth of your currency.

How does the creation of the system start?

The Mining Pool Script that we use is based on NOMP, therefore it is easy, compared to other pool manager software, and allows you to renting mine Rigs with the MiningRigRentals .com website

Mining Pool 2.0
You can request a demo via chat or by filling out the application to the right.

Mining Rig Rentals
Demo Video:

Is it possible to receive rewards to mine the coin?

Yes, with this version, all payments are automated and the benefits will be sent to your personal wallet and not stored on the server, so it is very good for system security.

What is the next step to begin?

The next step is to acquire the Mining Pool and you need a VPS or Dedicated server Ubuntu 14x64 you can find it in Vultr .com or

VPS or Dedicated servers are the most recommended. 
Please request a Centos with Cpanel.

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